Protests against a neonazi demonstration – trashbins set on fire, a neonazi car burned

König Wusterhausen 4th October

The demonstration

Around 11.30am the neonazi began to gather at the central station. They began to move around 13.15am with a van carrying the amplification, walking towards their first stop, in front of the „Märkischer Hof“, which became in the past already known as a place where neonazi would gather or escape to. At the same time, several trashbins and carwheels burned in the surroundings, in the yard of the neonazi Mike W. one burned some trash. Around 2.10pm they got on the move again, direction Rosa Luxenbourg Straße, where they hold their second stop. While there, they tried to attack an antifascist. Afterwards, they began again their march towards the „New Blocks“ area, where antifascists blocked a few streets by putting construction material. While the neonazi held their last rally, several carwheels burned again in the surroundings and a van belonging to neonazis (it had a big sticker of the Thor Steinar trademark on it) got burned.

At the end of their demo while the other neonazis left by train, around 30 of the local neonazis got escorted until in front of their doors by policevans.

Source: Indymedia