Prison visit in Pankow

Berlin, 14th October

A communique which got sent to us:

„On the 14.10 we interfered with the order and the security of Pankow's prison by using frutis and vegetables, which we threw inside the inner yard, as we also decorated the sad and grey prison's walls with slogans.
We chose the Pankow's prison since by now Andrea is imprisoned there, although we want also to express our solidarity to all prisoners. The action took place daytime, because we are not interested in hiding us as the cops will do at the coming trial against Andrea, where they will wear whigs and will be anonymous. At daytime, because we also want to give a sign, people should see us.
Andrea keeps of fighting politically, she still refuses to work behind bars; by this, the prison administration put her under pressure, for example by refusing her medicaments or check-ups.
Moreover, one took her away the possibility to get enough food, since she can not buy anything at the prison shop upon her refusal to work. And since we do not leave anyone alone in prison, we simply bring the food around. We will always support the refusal to work!
For example, also because the dirty laundry of big companies like Hilton Hotel or the security company responsible for the O2 Arena get washed by prisoners in the Plötzensee prison, who get payed a slavery wage. Such an easy example shows how capitalism works and how big companies stick further on the exploitation of people in order to make even more profits.

The slogan „Freedom for Andrea, Christian and the RAF! Death to the cops!“ now decorates the prison walls. Death to the cops since they defend capitalism and Capital actively by any means necessary.

Freedom for Andrea, Christian and the RAF prisoners!
Make an hole out of prisons! Destroy the prison system!

a... baba and the fourthy thieves“