Slogan spraypainted on Prison – Memorial

Berlin, 23rd October

A communique which we received:

„On thursday the 23rd October we visited the former prison of Moabit (1875-1989) and decorated it with color. Especially during the nazi-times, the history of this place had been shaped by the persecution, torture and homicide of political prisoners and partisans.
Considering that nowadays the outside walls of this place should remember visitors about its horrible past, we found important to pay a visit here in order to sensibilize visitors about the present situation in this country.
Since antifascists are still a target of state repression and are getting imprisoned because of their political convinctions, we left behind the words „...and still, antifascists are getting criminalized and imprisoned“, „Freedom for Andrea and Christian“, „Make an hole out of prisons“ as well as the internet adresses of the soli-websites for the prisoners.
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Freedom for all!“