Three cars torched

Berlin, 12 of July 2009

A claim which reached us:

„direct action against screws who like to beat up

on the 4 of July there has been a revolt inside the pre-trial detention department kiefergrund of the prison Plötzensee...the reason was the brutal attack of the screws on a prisoner. Around 15 prisoners will undergo trial now for crimes like property damage and they have been also maltreated by screws and police. The press give the responsability to the prisoners of the first of may and „intensive“ criminals (note of the translator: a term to describe mostly youths with foreign background who come on and off from prison). Sometimes the latter are also being shot dead with joy by the cops, like dennis j. on the new year's eve in schönfließ, who ignored a summon for entering prison. As a little sign of attention on the outside, on the 12 of July we torched the car of a screw as also siemens one. There are enough reasons to attack siemens, one cannot write them all in one single text, but as example the deliver also electronic regulation devices for the heating system and the security one of different prisons...

militant group against prison“

press: Two cars burned in Lichtenrade: a car of Siemens and a Skoda parked in front of the youth prison sited in the Kirchhainer Damm 64. There there also some prisoners of the first of May sitting.
also in Kreuzberg arsonists have been at work: unknown persons set a Mitsubishi on flames parked in a parking place at the Schlesisches Tor.

Source: BZ