House of Peter Walter (CDU) attacked with paintbombs

Kreis Offenbach, 15 of July 2009

Action against deportation

On the past wednesday the campaign against deportations and the investigating group „AG Wolhfahrt“, active around Offenbach and responsible already for hundreds of deportations, began with several actions.

Many flyers have been distributed and the house of Peter Walter (CDU) has been attacked with paintbombs.

About the AG Wolhfahrt

The „AG Wohlfahrt“ has been founded in 2006, where workers of the immigration office and police work together in order to deport refugees.
475 have been already deported by them or left the country under such a threat.
Often is the case that families would have like to sustain themselves autonomously, but they did not got any work permit by the german state – therefore they were dependent from the welfare state.
The AG Wohlfahrt made the accusation for „fraud of welfare system“ and therefore aims to deport the entire families.

Peter Walter, active in the parliament of the region around Offenbach, initiated this group, supported also from right-wing elements of Frankfurt am Main.

Therefore the main responsible of the NPD for the region of Hessen ask to create a similar group for the region.

About the actions

Resistance grows against the unhuman activities of the AG Wohlfahrt.

In the past, a few demonstrations took place in Offenbach and now there is an initiative called „smash the borders – bring down the business of AG Wohlfahrt!“, which want to raise attention and deligitimate the work of the AG by different means of action.

On wednesday the 15 of July 2009 several hundreds of flyers got handed in Dreieich, close the home of Peter Walter, in order to raise attention about his racist activities, the night after his house got massively attacked with paintbombs.