Axt fairy against car of the plainclothes police

Berlin, 17 of July 2009

Today evening a masked up axt-fairy smashed the car of the plainclothes police parked in front of the police station in the Brunnenstraße, carplate number B-Il 927.
The axt-fairy disappeared afterwards without leaving traces in the park.
From the dark park a fairy appeared out of nothing, carrying a big axt in her hand.
Directly in front of the police station, she smashed the windows and mototŕ of the car of the plainclothes police. Under the eyes of several watchers, she disappeared again in the park.
The plainclothes police did not notice anything for hours. A cop van got called and they hate donuts. Five riot van drove around the area, but the fairy was gone, there was nobody to arrest!
The axt-fairy mumbled something like – this was only the beginning – chop up PMS! Freedom for Alex!.

Source: Indymedia

note of the translator: PMS is the police department responsible for leftwing people, they act as uindercover, nasty cops. Alex sits in prison since over a month in Berlin, accused of having burned a car