„Jeton“ and cops attacked during a spontaneous demonstration

Berlin, 15 of July 2009

After the brutal attack by four neonazis against a 22 years-old guy, the autonomen undertook an act of revenge: around 200 people threw stones against the discoteque „Jeton“ and one police car during the night.

The owner of the discoteque also got threatining emails.

It was around 11.15pm, as about 200 people masked up and dressed in black threw stones against the discoteque „Jeton“ in the Frankfurter Allee.

The windows, the lightening advertisement sign and the outside stairwell got damaged, as also three cars parked in the front.

The discoteque was closed on that evening.

As a police car came by coincidence, it was attacked massively with stones. A policeman got slightly injured. As several anti-riot unitiesm came, they also got attacked with stones.

Small groups escaped in the small streets, around 200 cops were on the spot. Also some windows of the shopping center „Ringcenter“ got damaged.

As one policeman declared, one believes activists from the left scene to be the authors of the attack.

The owner of „Jeton“ declared to the press how the antifas left some flyers in front of his discoteque declaring this action as a revenge for the attack happened on the weekend.

He also got emails where people thretened to burn down the place.

In the past weekedend the 22 years-old Jonas K. Had been brutally beat down. Four neonazis beated him down brutally and finally put his head on the pavement in order to kick it. Shortly beforehand, the four have met a group of about ten leftists, where as follow one of the four got injured. The four neonazis have been arrested on the spot and put under pre-trial detention. Also against Jonas. K. And others one investigates because of serious bodyharm.

Source: Tagesspiegel.

Note: on the 18 of July, more than 5000 people walked the streets of Friedrichshain to show their solidarity with Jonas and their hate against neonazis.