Cars burned in different districts

Berlin, 19 of July 2009

a claim which reached us:

„in the early hours of the 19.07.2009 we opposed in Friedrichshain some firy arguments to the ongoing corrosion of the living structures in our districts. We are happy that four centrifuges of dirt falled immediately as victim of our rage.

Despite yopur „huge“ apparatus of driving pigs, we still decide when we attack. Your hostages taken during the last months are producing only more rage, which we aim to transform into energy in order to destroy your system. Greetings to all the ones in prisons!

Revolutionary greetings go to the one who torched the house of the biological eating-yuppies a few weeks ago. Also greetings to EHRHART at the ostsee, take a rest, it will be a warm fall.

Autonomous groups“

note: EHRHART refers most likely to the inner minister of Berlin, who was having his holiday at that moment.

From the press: also in Tiergarten four other cars got torched.