Up to 1000 people attacked a police station and police cars

Berlin, 1st January 2009

Shortly past midnight, there have been confrontations between police and members of the autonomous scene.
The riot began on the corner Schönehauser Allee/Eberswalderstr.
There, police cars passing by have been attacked by a group of about 500 people with rockets and fireworks. Also, windows of a tram have been smashed up.

It took several minutes before the riot police came.
However, by this moment the number grew up to 1000 people. Many of them have been partying in Mauer park and there have been no signs of possible eruption of violence, said the cops.
As the cops popped up, they have been attacked with stones, bottles and rockets. Three police cars have been damaged.
The violence threatened to escalate, as the youth smashed up three windows of the police station. Afterwards they exploded a rocket through the window.

However, the rocket did not went through, since the window was a reinforced security one, still damages have been caused by its exploding.
Around 3am, the situation calmed down, 200 cops have beem employed, one of them has been hurted by glass splinters; three persons have been arrested.

Source: Berliner Zeitung