Neonazi structures attacked

Erlangen, 8 of January 2008

After a year full of actions happened in Erlangen, the opening of the new year has been also promising good times. Following several actions happened to raise attention about the neonazi problem, like organizing some demonstrations, a few activists decided to fight the problem through direct actions.

During the past weeks, several attacks happened against neonazi structures.
Therefore the neonazi lawyer Stefan Böhmer, active on a national level, must have been really happy about the security glass windows of his working place getting smashed.
Stefan Böhmer, old man and always as guest at the Burschenschaft Frankonia (right wing organization), offers his work for right wings not only through defending the NPD for free (as example in Gräfenberg), as much as single persons (like Gerd Ittner), but also reclaim his inhuman ideology publicly.
Therefore he got sentenced to pay over 2000 euros for negating the holocaust.
The membership of such person within the Frankonia, shows exactly its political direction.
If this wouldn t be enough, neighbors complained as well about loud singing of the „horst wessel song“ (a dead neonazi „martyr“). This organization also tried, together with a few other neonazi, to smash the infoevent about „neonazi in pinstripes“.
Therefore it is clear why this Burschenschaft is considered a good target for local antifascists. That is why it got attacked on new year's eve with bottles full of color.
There have been afterwards some confrontation, which ended quite badly for the „Frankonen“. Also the Burschenschaft „Germania“ had a window smashed.
After such good signs, we really hope that 2009 is going to be a year full of actions, that fascism, as much as its roots, so capitalist reality, are going to be fought against.

Source: Indymedia