Arson attack against the social court

Potsdam, 15 of January 2009

The social court located in Potsdam has been deliberately set on fire in the night before. Damages reach the peak of about 10000 euros.
The unknown authors set the double wood door on the back in flames, say the director of the court.
The fire would have expanded then to the roof and damaged it rather badly, The facade became also quite darker and the carpet in the entrance got burned as well.
A few inhabitants of the Mangerstr. noticed the flames shortly past midnight and called the fire brigade. The latter needed 40 minutes to get the fire under control.
The director of the court describes the attack as „with a clear left-autonomous background“, one found some graffitis in the area. Among other, „red front“ and „class against class“, the latter written with a double dollar sign.

Source: PNN online