Action against DHL: letter boxes painted olive green

Wuppertal, 28 of January 2008

A claim we received:

„in the night from the 27 to the 28 of January we painted all Wuppertal's letter boxes in olive green. Through this, we want to raise attention of DHL's militaristic involvement.

The DHL, 100% property of the German Post World Net, transports post for the german army already since 2002.
Right now, they apply fof the biggest job within the entire history of german transports, since the german army wants to delegate most of his base-logistic in favour of a civilian company.
Concretely, it is about the storage of material property of the german army and the transport of war equipment, troops, ammunition and fuel.

DHL get out from the „warbusiness“!
Stop the 60th anniversary of the NATO in Strasbourg/Baden-Baden!

Antimilitarist postmen/women – Campaign Comprehensive Resistance.“