Ravage following the mortal gunshots in Schönfließ

Berlin, 26 of January 2009

Dennis J. died on new year's eve in Schönfließ as consequence of a bullet which got shot into his head, fired by a policeman.
The episode is not yet clear – the news still takes the first pages.
In the night to monday, there has been ravage going on in Berlin, which the police brings in connection with the case of Dennis J.

Sunday night, around 9.20pm, 10 to 20 masked up persons smashed the windows of a Sparkasse bank and of a telephone reseller in the Muskauerstr., Kreuzberg, by throwing cobblestones. Also the windows of a clothes-shop got smashed in the Eisenbahnstr. Alltogether, 20 windows got damaged.

On top of this, a trashbin used for glass has been thrown in the middle of the Skalitzerstr., corner Görlitzerstr, and in the Pücklerstr. the authors pushed two trashbins on the streets and set it on fire.

Police discovered some graffiti left onthe walls in the Pücklerstr, drawing a link with the episode of Schönfließ, as also two damaged cars.
Moreover, they found some flyers which thematized the mortal gunshots of new year's eve.

Around 10.30pm, a witness noticed the flames developing on the main entrance of the police station located in the Kurfunsterdamm, Wilmersdorf, which afterwards extinguished by themselves. After police investigation, it mus has been about an incendiary device, which caused some sootyness of the facade and of a window.

Finally, around 2,30am unknown persons damaged the windows of a Commerzbank located in the Weserstr., Neukölln. The state security investigates on all the episodes.

On new year's eve, a Berlin's civil cop shot dead the wanted Dennis J., 26 years old and on whom there has been an arrest warrant pending on. The 35 years old cop fired eight times against the stolen car where the young man was sitting in.
Against the cop one is proceeding for murder. Against two more cops, who were also participating at the operation, one opened a proceedment for „obstruction of the investigation“.

The latter refused to make any declaration during the first interrogation.

Source: Morgenpost