DHL heavy good vehicle burned

Berlin, 19 of January 2009

A communique we received:

In the night to the 19 of January, our anger about the present conditions release released its flames against a hevy good vehicle of the Deutsche Heeres Logistik (DHL).
Here a few sentences from a text which comes from the discussion during the „long day of antimilitarism“ (26.10.08) in Berlin.

One can find the complete text and further infos on DHL in internet or under
(...) This is the biggest task of the german transport section up to date, as also the most extensive project of privatization and restructuration done by the german Army.
The latter will give a large part of its logistic to a civil company, through a public private partnership program. Concretely, it is about the storage and management of army material (excluding ammunitions, fuel and medical service) and the transport worldwide of warmachines, soldiers, ammunitions and fuel (...).

The german post made already in 2002 a contract with the army, where she takes up the national and international sending of important army documents, as also equipment and consumer's goods up to 50kg. (...)
DHL is an international market leader for what concerns international express sending and transport on earth, but also for international airsending and maritime, being as well the first company which offered its services of logistic straight after the economical sanctions of the UN against Iraq have been stopped back in May 2003. The main customer there is the US army, through which DHL avances from being a mere warprofiteer towards being actively involved as war and occupation helper. The german post AG, as mothercompany of DHL, is concerned about secrecy and tries to play down the role of the freight for the public opinion as a mere post service for us soldiers.(...).

Because of the difficult situation in terms of security, DHL uses tanked, unmarked vehicles. Just in afew, secure places they use the typical yellow DHL vehicles. The logistic operations are coordinated by Paul Gilett, an ex-army officer. From soldier to organizer of war logistic – just like him, most of „experts on foreign affairs“ of the iraqui DHL team have a background in the army.
Former english soldierts will be signed up for organizing the security of the transports.(...)
It is seems to be a worthwhile „comprehensive approach“ for an antimilitarist counterstrategy to attack the militarization in plain clothes“.

From the press:

Leftists groups claim responsability for some attacks

in Berlin, each week cars go in flames. Mostly this is directed against upperclass cars, but in the night to monday a heavy good vehicle of the DHL, sistercompany of the german post.
Now a group took responsability for eight attacks.

The line of politically motivated arsons against cars keep ongoing undisturbed throught the new year.
In the night to monday, a heavy good vehicle of the DHL got burned. A passer byer noticed the flames around 1am and called the fire brigade. Within the left scene, one makes often use of enflamable devices.
State securitys took up the investigations.
The cops declared this to be the number eight arson attack on cars in the new year. Within the last year, police registered 87 politically motivated arsons, from which 68 where on cars. 98 cars have been burned.

Police is powerless

By now one has a claim signed by a leftist group, claiming responsability for the arson of eight cars between Friedrichshain, Neukölln, Kreuzberg and Mitte, which took place last december. This „Movement for militant resistance (game of words in german: „bewegung für militante widerstand, bmw“) claimed to have done it against the „restructuration“ of poorer districts. The claim is under the motto „burning expensive cars versus gentrification“. Gentrification is the word which is used by left circles to describe the displacement of tennants from their original area through luxurious restructuring.
The group „BMW“ mean that such cars have been chosen exactly in those districts, where such process takes place at most. Within the claim one presents as well a way how to burn cars.
As said, police is powerless against such actions, since the latter can be done within few seconds and without notice.

Source: Tagespiegel