„Erik and sons“ hacked!

www 26 of February 2009

Shop closed on the www

The datenantifa hacked officially the online-shop of the neonazi trademark „Erik and sons“.
One can check now on different website the data of the right wing customers of this inhuman shop.
One left a message on the former website of „Erik and sons“:

One other style – same old shit

We close down this website because the trademark „Erik and sons“ is establishing next to the other well-known trademarek „Thor Steinar“, which is contributing spreading neonazi ideology.
We are fed up with nazi idiots, who want to build an „aryan race“ by using northern – german mithology!
An end to the profiteers behind NS-symbols!

Close down these shops everywhere and by any means“

here one can find the data of the customers (we wish them to be widespread)

Source: Indymedia