Armament company attacked with stones and color

Hamburg/Kiel, 2 of February 2009


"On the night from the 1 to the 2 of February, we rendered nicer the armament company Northrop Gumman sited in the Woltmannstr. 19 in Hamburg and the Marine Logistics (Marlog) in the Werlstr. 179 in Kiel, using stones and color.
Through this action, we direct us against the meeting of international politicians of Nato state members and their companions, armament industrialists like Northrop Grumman and Marlog and the army, who will all meet on the beginning of February 2009 at the 45 München's conference for security politic.
They would like to gather there in order to reinforce the civil-military cooperation.
This means war and oppression for millions of people.
Also we see this action as contribute to the beginning of the protests again the 60 anniversary of the Nato in Baden Baden and Strasbourg, on the beginning of April 2009.

Against capitalist globalization and worldwide war politic of Nato states, which lead to a further militarization of societies, inner and outer!

Action Group against militarism and capitalism"

Source: Interim