Administrative building of the police attacked with butyric acid

Berlin, 6 of February 2009

A claim we received:

„Attack the police congress! Your security is not ours!

On the 10 and the 11 of February, the police congress takes place in Berlin. Representants of authorities for the security, such like police and forces of intervention, or private security companies like SAP, Siemens and others, gathers there in order to plan the european „architectural security“.

For us and other parts of the population this means a bigger and bigger limitation of our liberties, further surveillance of entire life spheres, all applied through a higher and higher technological level.

If this would not be enough, a few days before leading war strategizers are meeting in Münich and later on, on the beginning of april, the NATO memberstates in Strasbourg und Baden-Baden, in order to decide the spreading of their power interests in an international contest. The follow-up of this will be a growing inner and foreign militarization, as also a further development of the surveillance State.

We refuse to let us control us further, here as everywhere else, therefore we bring our resistance on the streets and to the responsible ones. Therefore on the 6 of February we attacked the administration building of the Berlin's police, located in the Magazinstraße in Friedrichshain, by using butyric acid.

By this action, we want also to remember the many ones who died by the hands of the police during the last years. Just to name a few of them: Oury Jalloh in Dessau, year 2005, Alexandros, december 2008 in Athens, Dennis in Schönflies, new year's eve 2008 and Oscar Grant in Oakland. And surely all the ones who meet the death everyday in the Mediterranean, on their way to Europe.

Nothing forgiven! Nothing forgotten!“