Antifa actions during the neonazi demonstration

Dresden, 14 of February 2009

„Several people tried to break out of the demonstration organized by different groups under the name „No Pasaran“, in order to cause disorder against the march of the JLO (the neonazis).However, police managed to stop these violent tries on the Wildsdrufferstr. as on the Schloßstr. Police got attacked with stones and bottles.

Afterwards, as a mob of the same group, counting about 500 people mostly dressed in black, tried to make a blockade at the Rathenaus platz, police evicted them from the road.

After the demonstration, there have been several acts of property damage. As example, around the Albertplatz unknown persons overturned two empty police cars. At leasst 18 police cars got damaged and 30 policemen slighlty injured.“

Source: polizei Dresden