Upperclass car from O.Rohr (housekeeper of L14 and R94) torched

Berlin, 2 of February 2009

A claim which reached us:
On monday the 2 of February we payed a visit to the offices of Rohr, district Mariendorf, and we torched his car.
Rohr is the housekeeper of the Rigaer94 and the Liebig14.
We showed up around 12am.

The police did not report the action.

Perhaps they fear to be criticised even more heavily as it was during the last weeks, where one accused them to have no control at all on the situation and that they are not able to put an end to the arson of cars.

The firedevils will be active also daytime, from now on.

We did not remain in order to check how much damaged we provoked – however, as we left, flames were already developing inside the motor area.
Therefore, take your own conclusions!
The action went fast and it has been easy to do, despite the many passer-byers around this daytime.

Our message: let your hands off our freespaces! Rohr and the landlord Suitbert Beulker try since years to evict the Liebig14 and the Rigaer94.

Both houses are ones, where people leave collectively, they exist since over 15 years.

Such places are far more than just living places, and gentrification is far more than just modernization and growing rents – people are being displaced from their districts and put under heavier mechanisms of control.

There are many ways and means offered, in order to sabotage this process.

What will come next?

Solidarity greetings

The sunshine-committee

note for english-speaking readers: Rigaer94 and Liebig14 are two partly squatted houseprojects located in Berlin Friedrichshain which are since longer facing evictions – not the first during the last years.