Police prevents arsons attack – probable target the german army

Karlsruhe, 24 of February 2009

After a hours-long hunt, one managed to prevent an attack against a depot of the german army in Karlsruhe.
The police declared that a car with plainclothes policemen would have followed two suspicious and masked up bike riders through the innercity.
The two managed to escape in the darkness and through several city districts, but the police gathered proofs which should lead to them.
The criminal police accuse the two of preparing an explosive attack.
„They used the protection of the darkness and chose streets where cars could not go and pieced of forest“, declared a police spokeperson referring the successful escape of the two.
The police hunted them for over three hours with a helicopter armed with a camera recognizing the heat, before they lost them.
However, they threw away several stuff, as for example several plastic bottle of 1,5 liter taped together and filled with gasoline.

Source: die-topnews.de