Attack against the CDU offices

Tubingen, 5 of February 2009

Around 1.30am inhabitants heard windows being smashed, afterwards they have seen three persons running away.
Shortly before, marmelades glasses full of black color and stones flew against the five windows of the CDU offices.
The paint covered the facade and the stones demolished the first of a two.set of security glasswindows.

The damages amoun to 5000 euros, the police does not know about the reasons of the attack, since there has not been any claim.

The CDU believes a political reason though, since there has been already three other attacks to thei offices.
In january, color flew against the inner ministerium.
One commando, named after the spanish anarchist „Durruti“, wanted to protest against the aggravation of the law ruling public gatherings.

Source: Schwäbisches Tagblatt