Several actions agains the NPD info-event

Berlin 6th September

During the days before the neonazi infoevent by the NPD or better by the „Rings Nationaler Frauen“ (women chapter of the NPD), to be hosted in the school „OttoSurh“ in Neukölln, there have been several actions by antifascists side. Poster and flyers has been distributed to the local inhabitants to raise awareness. In the night to the thursday there have been several attacks.
The maindoor of the school hosting the infoevent got smashed and graffitis has been painted around. As well, the private house of the district-major Buschkowsky has been hitted with several bottles full of red and black color. As reported in the media, a group named „Otto Suhr Commando“ would take responsability for the attacks, advicing Buschkowsky that this would be a „mere advice for a beginning“.
On friday, the day of the event, as the media reported several neonazis got trashed by antifas, a few confronations took place won by the antifa side.

Source: Indymedia