Color attack against a fur shop in Magdeburg

Magdeburg 29th September

Clearly one attacked the fur shop on the Hasselbach square in Magdeburg, this communique' reched us via email:

„In the night between the 28th and the 29th we attacked the only fur shop in Magdeburg with red color and stone, in the context of the decentral action day against fur trade. The shop in question is a fashion shop named „Leder und Pelze“ in the Hasselbach square n.1, owned by Stefan Gehring.
Through this direct action we aim to break and scandalize the daily reality of animal exploitation. Not only its owner and its clients have the responsability for thousands of murders carried on yearly against feeling individuals through the fur trade, but also the public opinion with its silence. We will never accept animal exploitation and we will stop only until every cage will be empty.

Animal Liberation Front“