Meeting of anti-semites smashed down

Köln, 26th September

Today the „Deutschland Stammtisch“ was willing to hear a presentation done about the book written by the doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer about the „New Germanic Medicine“, due to take place in the restaurant Schützenheim, situated in Kön-Dünnwald. Helmut Pilhar, who is a known antisemite and often speaks at neonazi events, was due to speak.
However, shortly after the info-event was supposed to begin, things went slightly different as the people from „Deutschland Stammtisch“ were expecting to.
15 resolute antifascists stormed the restaurant and read a short declaration, where they declared that „antisemites won't have any easy life in Köln“.
During the reading, 30 of the books (which got destroyed afterwards) and several private notebooks have been confiscated, the laptop and the beamer have also been dismounted.
After a short pushing around, it was clear that the antisemites wouldn't dare to continue their infoevents, therefore the antifas left in the darkness.

Source: Indymedia