One büro and a Shop attacked

Berlin 12th September

A communique sent us via email:

On the night to the 12.9 we visited the büro of Oliver Rohr (Großbeerenstr. 2-10). We covered the entrance with graffitis done in red paint, glued the doorlocks and destroyed the postbox. Rohr is the housekeeper employed by Suitbert Beulker for the houses Liebig14 and Rigaer94. These two assholes are in charge of potentially evict the two houseprojects – but this will be expensive!“


Some passers-by called today in Tegel the cops early in the morning after seeing three people escaping direction S-Bahn Tegel. The police reported a damage at the windows and doors of a shop in the Brünowstrasse. The police does not exclude a political motivation behind the act.

Source: Berliner Morgenpost/Polizei Berlin