Paint agains the a pub because of a „Pro NRW“ infoevent

Beyenburg (Wuppertal), the 8 of December 2009

The following claim reached us:

„in the night to the 8 of December we gave a paintgift to the pub „Zur alten Bruderschaft“ in Beyenburg (Wuppertal): a large portion of the facade became red.
This gift we want to dedicate to the „Pro NRW“ (a participant association of the racists from „Pro Köln“), who wanted to hold an event there on this night for grounding a local section.
But above all we dedicate this to the owner of the pub, since it is not the first time that he gives his place to neonazis and racists.
Already in the years 2006 and 2007 he rented his place to „nationalen stammtisch“, an organization of the NPD and „freie kräfte“ (neonazis).
Therefore we say: collegue, let it be, next time is not going to be only paint...

with antifascist greetings
autonomous antifascists from ober and unterbergischen.“