Arsons against VGF (public transport company from Frankfurt) and cars of the german railway/ stones against a bank

Frankfurt/Main, the 15 of December 2009

From the police ticker:

„Unknown person set a van of the VGF alight.
Later on, two cars of the german railway have been torched, the latter causing at least 17.500€ damages.

Further on, a bank gt its windows smashed, causing 3.000€ damages.“

A claim got partly puslished in an newspaper signed by „autonomous group now it is enough“, which gives ground to their action by naming the ongoing criminalization of social protests like in Kopenhagen or the eviction of the squatted university in Frankfurt.
A theme has been also the rising prices of the public transports in the city, therefore the attack against VGF.
Now the cops would slowly get the bill for their repressive operation undertaken during the past year, one writes.

Source: Indymedia