New neonazi shop smashed/color to Tromso

Berlin, 8 of May 2009

a claim we received:

„On the 8 of May very early in the morning we made an inauguration gift to the new opened neonazi shop Horrido, located in Alt – Friedrichfelde 98, on the day of Liberation and strongly let some air in.
Only the glazier is happy about a shop which sells neonazi trademarks like Erik & Sons and articles of neonazi musicians like KC/Hüngrige Wölfe.

Sportgroup Spasibo“

Unknown persons smashed the windows of a clothing shop located in the Alt – Friedrichfelde str. in Lichtenberg. The shop resells trademark connected to the neonazi scene, as the police declares.
Therefore state security investigates.

Today early in the morning the police discovered painted slogans on a clothing shop in Friedrichshain. Unknown person painted political slogans with red paint on the rollers of a shop in the Petersburger str. (note: Tromso, new opened „Thor Steinar“ shop, victim of several attacks already).
State security investigates

Source: Polizei Ticker