Color and stones against the mainquarters of the SPD

Hamburg, 13 of May 2009

A color attack has been undertaken against the offices of the SPD (note: social democrativ party) in the Max – Brauer – Allee (Altona), where also Olaf Scholz, mininister of work, has his election office.
Several authors threw two glasses full of black color against the facade and threw stones against the windows.
On the wall, one could read „hads off the schanzenfest“.
The police believe the authors to belong the left radical scene, state security investigates.
„Actions, as the one like against our offices, are the wrong way to support the Schanzenfest“, declared Melanie Schlotzhauer, main representative of the SPD – Altona.
The position of the party is not the one to forbid the event.


note: there is a conflict ongoing in Hamburg about the Schanzenfest.
The latter is an autonomously organised day-long festival in the district of Schanze, where, unregistered, neighbors and comrades build up stands, make infoevents, offer food, discussion and so on, normally at night there is few confrontation with the cops.
The character of the festival is uncommercial and a sign of resistance against gentrification in the area, up to 8000 participate in it.
Since last year, the city try to legalize the festival and put it under control, so they are met with different actions of resistance.