Cars of trainees of the school for screws layed lower

Wuppertal, 28 of May 2009

a claim we received:

"Make holes out of prisons!
Screws to become gardeners!“

In the night from the 27 to the 28 of May 2009 we layed lower several cars of screw trainees and one van of the school itself (school for the ones who want to become screws), among other things we slashed the tires.

By this we want to give the future screws a possibility towards a retraining at the right time, showing them that they did not chosen a work like the others.
Inside prisons, people suffder daily both physical aa psycological damages.
The screws, together with judges, state attorneys and politicians are strongly participants of such damages, as well as a public opinion and a press which asks all the time for „close people down“.
The prisoners are totally dependent from the goodwill of the screws and are exposed to their arbitrariness 24 hours a day.
Therefore they cannot show even once their hate and refusal to the ones, who practice repression against them every day.
That is why we take responsability for this.
We hitted some of them, but they are all ment, all the ones, who take part on such unhuman prison system.

We want a society without prisons.
This is not an absurd utopia. Prisons are not at all a necessity for society, but the expression of a system based on competition, which does not not fulfill people's need and destroys them through institutions of compulsion such like family, school, forced labour, dole and prison.
As example, rapes taking place within a patriarchal society are not deeds done by „crazy ones“, but only the extreme form of sexism which is daily, immanent and in agreement with the society.
Against the common widespread idea, prisons are not full of rapists and murderers.
It is not a surprise that under a society which only functions by following the capitalist logic of profit, the largest part of prisoners are such because of crimes against property.
The fact that our capitalist society keeps more attention to conserve the present distribution of property than the integrity of human life comes out nowhere else clearer than in prisons.

Even though their conditions will be described often as more liberal than before, the number of prisoner arises steadily since years, despite the fact that „criminality“ sinks.
To ask for harder laws and sentences remains an easy answer to respond the fear of criminality provoked by the propaganda of the press.
Instead of preventing violence, one builds new prisons, such as the youth one in Wuppertal – Ronsdorf.
Each prison is a prison too much!
A new prison only serves to enlarge the number of prisoners and not to make the situation of the already imprisoned ones better.
That is why we will oppose our resistance to this new prison, where in future also the school for screws which got attacked by us should find place.

Autonome Automarten – AG retraining"