Arson attack to the dole office

Berlin, 16 of May 2009

„Self ignition“ - social unrest in Berlin – Pankow releases sparks...
One can only thank an attentive german citizen of the fact that no further people's property has been destroyed and therefore the destiny of the german collectivity did not face more serious damages.

In the night from friday to saturday the 16 of May, a worker of a petrol station noticed a bright light.
It was burning on the backside of the dole office located in the Storkower str.
The social unrest lead to self ignition of several trashbins, which happily blazed up and spread to the facade of the dole office.

The backside of the building, of one of the most hateful dole offices of Germany, has been seriously damaged by the flames. Several windows got destroyed.

The „work“ of this dole office will be strongly limited within the next few weeks.
Here one will have to think twice before one will try to oppress unemployed people through the mania of officers and try to scare them off.

State security investigates.

The attack is lining up along several firy outbreak of hate against dole offices, which by now are taking place in all Germany.
Also, the press reports of „attacks“ of angry unemplyoees on „official in charge (workers of the dole office)“.

By now, patroulling security belong to the daily reality of dole offices.

Source: Indymedia