Police cars damaged

Berlin 6 of August 2009

On wednesday night there has been a bad surprise for the drivers of a police car parked in Kreuzberg.
The cops had been called because of shoplifting in the Ohlauerstr.
As they came back, they notice that a window of their car had been smashed by a stone.

Source: Morgenpost

The respect towards the police diminuish, police cars are getting damaged. As it happened yesterday in Kreuzberg.
Police got called because of a inhabitant complained about loud music in the Cuvrystr.
30 people were partying in front of an empty house.
As the police came back to their car, they noticed how this was spaypainted with the slogans „party-ruiners“ and „revolt“.

Only four hours before a police car got damaged in Prenzlaueberg, where unknown persons slashed the tires of the car.

A week before youth lighted a fire in the Mauerpark, despite the forbid.
Passer byers wondered why the police did not intervene, since a cop station is just in front of the park.
The reason: unknown person closed the door of the station with a bike lock.

Source: Berliner Zeitung