Attempted attack before the festivities of the German Army

Hannover, the 14 of August 2009

An attempted arson from the side of the ones who oppose war kept the police in high alarm, since it happened only two weeks before a big festivity of the German Army.
Unknown persons tried to arson a pavillon where the first Panzer division will celebrate on the end of August their summer bivouac, with the presence of many important celebrities.
The attack failed though.

At the same time a claim appeared in the postbox of the „Hannoverschen Allgemeinen Zeitung“, where war opponents made clear their avversion for the presence of the German Army in Afghanistan and how the meant to attack the city of Hannover in a symbolic way.
The police is worried since they see a new quality here, since attempted arson in a public space would have reached another quality in comparison to past protests.

Source: Abendblatt