Color against a Mercedes – Benz branch

Cologne, the 12 of August 2009

In the night to wednesday the Mercedes-Benz branch sited in the Kanalstr. corner Am Gleisdreieck had been rendered nicer with paint.

The action is against this company because of its economical involvement with the iranian regime therefore massively cooperating to its further existence.
This company support even „practically“ the repression of the last months against the people in revolt in Iran, since it delivers its expensive cars to the iranian police.
By this action we do not mean to attack only Mercedes but also any other company which earns from the cooperation with the iranian dictatorship.

Today, on the national day which has been called out against german collaborators, we need to express our protest by different ways.

Against the collaborators of the iranian regime!

Solidarity with the iranian insurrection!

Source: Indymedia