Immigration office attacked with stones and color

Remscheid, the 27 of August 2009

We received the following claim:

„In the night from the 26.08 to the 27.08 we attacked the immigration office of Remscheid with stones and color.
Through this we see a possibility to react against the unhuman politic of this institution.
We want a world where one has so few borders between the people, as it is the case right now in Germany in relation to the exclusion of refugees: none!
All people will be catalogued following their possible employment within the economical system.
This is even worse for the ones who do not have a german passport.
Refugees and migrants can not leave the region they reside officially in, get not enough money to live off (even less than the ones who are on the dole), sometime only coupons instead of money, they have to undergo racist police controls, can not work, they have to constantly fear their possible deportation...
The reason of their escape from their countries varies from climate through poverty or war and persecution.
Those reasons are produced by people, and Europe and above all Germany carry a lot of responsabilities in this process.

About the especially bad situation in Remscheid:
here refugees and migrants are living under conditions beneath human dignity, they undergo videosurveillance and have to sign in regurarly at autorithy offices.
During the last three months, the local immgration office tried to deport two people into countries from where they flew away.
Both of them suffer of heavy depression problem and are at risk to commit suicide.
Especially a few workers of the immigration office are distinguinshing themselves in a particular way for what concerns a bad treatment of people, the same can be said for the socalled social workers of the BAF e.V. (responsible for the centers).
No doctor who works in the deportation system, no worker of the immigration office and no „social worker“ who make him/herself a tool of the deportation authorities should believe that he/she will have his/her peace after making such actions.
Names and adresses can be found very easily.

The action is part of the „week against deportations“.
Solidarity with the noborder camp in Lesvos!
Solidarity with Felix Otto

Autonomous painters and varnishers“