Attack the profiteurs of state-racisms!

Berlin 7/8 May 2008


"On the night from the 7 to the 8 of May we glued the door-lock of the AWO officed in Hallesches Ufer (Kreuzberg), smashed the windos and threw paitnbombs against its front.
A week later we visited the mainoffices of the AWO, also here we smashed the windows, glued the locks, fill its postbox with foam and make its fassade nicer with some color.
Through our action we want to support the antiracist "Defence Campaign" and we want the definitive closure of the deportation center in the Motardstrasse, Berlin-Spandau.
In the Motardstrasse, migrants have to live in, the ones who own a "toleration" permit to stay and as example cannot be deported only because some documents are missing; therefore, those migrants are forced to live under horrible life-conditions and in isolation in the outskirts of the city, all this in order to force to a deportation occured upon "free will".
The AWO is earning about 17.50€ a day per person, made upon lives behind barbed-wire, in rooms filled with too many beds, with only 50€ aloud per month and in a structure infested by coachroaches.
Beside this also the Dussmann company is making profit through selling bad food to the migrants.
As left-radicals we should take a stand against such situation and show that solidarity does not begin merely with social movements in other countries.
Therefore we have been made very happy by the action taken from some antiracists in the night from 4 to the 5 of may against the immigration office in Berlin-Lichtenberg.
As far as we know, they took protest with paintbombs and stones against the "white collars" of the immigration office and wrote a very fitting slogan on the front of the building, reading "where right becomes unright, resistance becomes a duty!".
We have to put pressure on the Left-Party, because of the politics of his social-senator Knake-Werner, as against such profiteurs as Dussmann or AWO, by all the means we got.

Close down the lager in the Motardstrasse, attack fortress Europe!"

Source: Interim