Colour-attack and graffitis in Nürberg

Nürnberg 6. Mai 2008

Activists have been spraypainting at the local (Bayern) cop's insurance company, reading „first of may, nazis walk thanks to the cops and the city“. Moreover, the SPD central (social democratic party, ndt) has been target of a paintbomb attack, which also damaged the maindoor. A flyer has been found in the near of the building, where a group called „Gruppe B.L.O.C.K.A.D.E. "wir.sind.sauer" claimed the action.
In their communiqué, they explain that the action is due to the big nazi demo happened on the first of may, where cops beaten up antifascists, destroying also the amplification on one of the car („lauti“) and do not aloud them to march, whilst leaving the nazis undisturbed. The political responsability for all is of the SPD, who are ruling the city.

Source: Interim