again colour against Mövenpig

Hamburg 13. Mai 2008


"There is still no peace for the Mövenpig Hotel situated in the former Wasserturm in the Schanzenpark, Hamburg!
Once again there have been a colourful actions against the facade of the building, one punctual for the „dance in May“ event, the other for the optical brightening up of a sunny Pfingstfest.
The resistance against this project goes on: its socalled acceptance within the neighbourhoods, strongly declared by the ones who run such a project, is to be seen within the constant attacks with colour or other property damage.
Since the private security company WISAG employed by Mövenpig seems to not get things under control, there are only three possibilities left:
Mövenpig is tearing up an high fence around the building;
the cops can begin again their 24h surveillance (surely after 2 and half year they must have a good preparation)

Mövenpig closes down its doors
Against the privatisation of public spaces!!!
Bring Mövenpig in the ruin!!
Steal them the stars!!"

Source: Indymedia