GMO field liberated!

Schlewig-Holstein 24th August

"The only gmo-field in Schlewig-Holstein has been almost entirely destroyed in the night of friday 23.8. It was a field made of two parts located in the area of the village Fütterkampf, Blekendorf, between Oldenburg i.H. and Lütjenburg. The field hosted some gmo corn of the Mon810-sort, produced by Monsanto, the only kind which is aloud at the moment in Germany.
The corn-plants has been smashed in order to show their producers that it is not worth to commercialize them and it will remain like that!
We won't let that such destructive technology will affirm here!

Schlewig-Holstein gmo-free!
For a world not only without gmo products, but also without the exploitation of people and other forms of life and the destruction of living-spaces!"

Source: Indymedia

Many arguments and ideas for actions against gmos:

Take part in! There are many possibilities: from protest-letters to squatting the fields, from creative actions to nightly field-liberations...and many more...

Source: Indymedia