Different arson attacks against company vehicles – one in solidarity with the prisoners in hungerstrike

Berlin 8 of August

This is a summary of an article taken from the press:

Within two hours unknown people set up two company cars on flame on friday night, in Treptow and Mitte, the cars belong to the company Siemens.Already on Tuesday two heavy goods vehicles had been torched in the north of Berlin, Oranienburg, belonging to a sister-company of the Metro-group.

This year the number of politically motivated arsons reached number 47, 62 vehicles burned down.

The fact that police suspect left-radical extremists to be behind the attacks, it is also showed by a the communiqueIn regard to this last action,which reached our newspaper. The group „FFA“ took responsability for the arson against the company C+C Shaper, they write „we criticise that horrible food is getting sold for extremely high price to the prisoners and want to show our protest against a system where private companies make profit through the imprisonment of people“. Further on, one is referring the action to the ongong hungerstrike of over 500 prisoners happening in the german prisons.

The police is trying to proof if there is a link between the two actions.“

Source: Berliner Morgenpost