We Stay All - Action Days

Berlin 27 May - 1 of June

A chronology (loosely translated and put together from the german)

On this night, 2 construction machines and two cars has been set up in flames as opening act of the action days: a mercedes and a ford has been set on fire in Friedrichshain, as well one construction machine.
In the same night, another construction machine gets on fire in the Alexandrinenstrasse, Kreuzberg.

An empty building get squatted in the Michaelkirchstr., Mitte, close to the Köpi and SchwarzerKanal.
Around 300 solidarious people gather in fron of the new squat to support it.
After short negotiations with the building-owners, it comes to an eviction: hundreds of cops, with 2 water cannons and a panzer are on stage.
The squatters get arrested, they will be liberated the following day.
During the night, several actions in response ot the eviction took place, as documented in the official media.
14 cars will be burned (among them porsche and mercedes) in several district of the town, but mostly in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain (two people arrested and accused of one of the arson, released on the following day with pending trial for arson), few trashbins, and a townhouse in construction will be also attacked with stones and colour.

A posh car (porsche) gets burned in Prenzlauerberg.
As well, an arson attack takes place against another company (Robben und Wientjes) who rent cheap cars for movings.
18 cars will be burned.
Since this company does not have any clear link to gentrification, eviction or whatsoever, but they are rather permitting also poor people to rent cars, the Wir Bleiben Alle Campaign decides to publish a critical communiqué regarding this action.

Here we document this:
" We cannot see any link between the attack against Robben und Winentjes and the We Stay All! - Campaign.
"Robben und Wientjes" give the possibility to rent a car also to the ones who do not have much money.
We also condemned the police violence and its senseless arrests. We have the impression that they do not find any other possibility but to willkürich arrest people around, in order to present an high quote to the press. In fact, people will be arrested not even upon concrete accusations.
It is enough to move around in a group of more than 2 people.
Clearly, the police strategy it is to forbid people to move freely around the city.
"Banning-papers" for the zones SO36, Kreuzberg, Mitte, Prenzlauerberg and Friedrichshain are given to people.
A police state looks like this.
We denounce such measures also as illegal. A courtcase will be prepared.
Even though massive police attempts to scare off, the action days will continues in their many forms.
An healthy mix between coming together, partys, political discussions, demonstrations and all the other actions make us happy.
Against such happiness comes the sadness for the death of a 18 years old boy in police custody.
Through this comes clear again where police repression can arrive.
We want to make clear to the family and all his friends our sadness and solidarity.
The We Stay All! campaign will make a press conference on the 2.6, in closing the action days.
We Stay All"
The building where the company SAP has its offices get also attacked with stones during the same night.

Daytime: a spontaneous demonstration with around 100 people walks the Friedrichstrasse, a posh street in Mitte, screaming slogans and making some trouble to the yuppies drinking there their coffee.
17 people will be arrested in the surroudings, suspected to have partecipated to the action.
On the night, again several militant actions take place.
Over 50 posh cars have been made nicer through the use of stencil, also renovated buiding has been targeted.
Two posh cars get burned, one in Lichtenberg and one in Friedrichshain.
An insurance company get also its windows smashed in Lichtenberg.
Two cars belonging to a company involved in surveillance business get set ablaze.
Moreover, the locals hosting the housekeeper of the houseprojects „Rigaer94“ and „Liebig14“ will be hit with paintbombs, graffitis will be left and door-locks glued and a bank will be smashed in Neukölln.

Several actions happens in broad daily light.
During the afternoon, the "O2 screen" (an electronical publicity board) on the Warschauer bridge (dividing Friedrichshain from Kreuzberg), inaugurated on the same day, get attacked with paintbombs.
A luxurious house get also hit:
The Mc Donald´s in Kreuzberg get also attacked with stones and paintbombs, graffitis will be left behind.

During the last night police has been made object of a massive throwing of bottles and stones, five cops has been injured.
In the Singerstrasse, Friedrichshain, a luxurious car got set on fire.
The windows of the trade union Ver.di (ndt, responsible for the eviction) got smashed.
An hoffest was taking place in the Köpi (as well as in other locations around as part of the action days), some hundreds people were having party on the street right in front of it, therefore the traffic got shut down.
The police tried to put an end to the situation, trying to arrest three people, and they have been therefore objet of stones and bottles-throwing by the people, a situation which endured for a while, until the situation finished.
Meanwhile, at least 12 trashbins has been set alight in different part of the city, a luxurious loft in constuction has been attacked with stones.

Source: Polizei Berlin


Here we document the communiques for the actions during the week:

Construction machine set on fire

"As open-up for the action days for autonomous spaces, on the night to tuesday 27 we set ablaze a construction machine in the Diestelmeyerstr. (Friedrichshain), which was partecipating in the building of luxurious townhouses.
Stop the neoliberal city-plans! Against Capitalism!"

Michael-Kirch-Platz Squatter's declaration:

Thanks to everybody who partecipated at the action – in all their different ways.
Thanks for the support from the outside
Thanks for the people's kitchen
Thanks for the music
Thanks for the slogans
Thanks for the help
Thanks for resisting the first attack of the 23 police riot unit
Thanks for defending the house until the last moment
Thanks for waiting and giving us shelter in front of the GeSa (ndt: where police brings you once arrested for identification)
Thanks for the greetings from other places
We tried, we meant it for real, we wanted the house, we wanted to negotiate, but Ver.di and the cops did not want to understand it,
Therefore it did not work out, and the house is senselessly empty again.
But perhaps it will work next time“

SAP attacked

"18 windows are not enough! On the 28.5.8 we smashed the windows of SAP in the Rosenthalerstr.
SAP is worldwide on the frontline for what concerns business-software.
They develop software for repressive/security authorities and organizations involved in war businesses, also for the NATO and the german amry.
It is about logistic until personal management.
So that the in-the-war involved companies can work good together, SAP provide them software for connecting among each other.
SAP is one very important global-player within inner and foreign army and surveillance industries.
Such a security is for the rich ones, who have to secure themselves from the growing impoverishment of people around the world, through war, exploitation, exclusion and oppression.
Our action is in the context of the action days for autonomous spaces, because freespaces mean to us a life free from capitalist exploitation, repression and war.
No peace with the war!!! Destroy militarism!!"

Housekeeper of Rigaer94 and Liebig14 attacked

"In order to support the ongoing struggle of Rigaer94 against its eviction, we visited last night the offices of Rohr-immobilienverwaltung, glued the locks, threw color and left the graffiti "fingers off the R94 and L14".
Rohr take care of all the houses owned by Beulker, landlord of Rigaer94 and Liebig14, therefore he is directly responsible in the case of an eviction.
Fight and defend autonomous spaces!"

Bank smashed

„Driven by anger and shiny disillusion towards the continous displacement process of poor people from the district they are living in (especially in Neukölln, but not only there), the windows of the Sparkasse at the Britzer Damm have been hitted in the early hours of the 30.5
Beside this, we want to declare our solidarity with the people inprisoned during the action days.
Attack capitalism!
Let us reduce the city to rubble!“

Surveillance company cars set alight

"End with Big Sister!
Two cars of the company Lipinsky have been torched on 29.5 night.
Lipinsky is a company involved in telecommunication and surveillance issues.
They offer advices, projectizing, installation, care-taking from surveillance systems: videosurveillance, zeit erfassun, einbruchmelder, zutrittkontrolle, alarm systems and mobile surveillance-robots.
All such small or bigger playgames for capitalists make us puking during our daily life.
We attacked Lipinsky because we do not want a society where each movement is going to be under control.
Towards a borderless freedom of movement and against the controlwahn and exclusion poliic of capitalists.
No control! No surveillance! Freespaces in all the world!
Smash all cameras everywhere!!!
No secure house for the dominants!"

O2-Screen made nicer

"The „O2 screen“ at the Wahrschauer Bridge has been made nicer by some paintbombs, exactly on its inauguration date!“

Lofthouses attacked

"Today in the afternoon a posh property-lofts complex in construction, situated in Luckauerstr. corner Dresdnerstr., X-berg, has been attacked with stones and smashed.
Action Stop-the building volume 2".

Loft-complex get attacked

"Such a thing comes from such a thing!
Again it happened to the windows of a luxus-complex in construction, this time "Carloft" in the Liegtnitzerstr. (Kreuzberg).
"It was very easy", decidely affirms Carlo from the group "bonzenpack wegscheppern", "they have so much fear about their cars, that they even want to lift them up with a aufzug directly in ther apartments (ndt. in this loft one can bring his/her own car up in front of the apartment...)".
You can imagine, who has some spare money for such a thing.
"In the case that they will win space here around, we can soon prepare our luggages and we are not ready for this at all!".
We stay all!
Freedom instead of capitalism!“

Source: Interim