Two police cars set on fire

Berlin 24.4.08


"On the night from the 23 to the 24 april we inaugurated the May-fire. Firstly, we wish to produce chaos during all May and further on, in Berlin as everywhere, against police violence, surveillance, against the ones, who take us our freespaces away, the ones, who protect the Capital and organise it, the ones who want to take our freedom away from us.
Let us make chaos an everyday reality against all the things that we hate.

Our action on this ngith has been against the ones, that we hate at most.
We put two police cars on fire. Why such hate?
Because: they are murders - Oury Jalloh in Dessau and Laye Conde in Bremen
Because: they are racist beaters - Erdal in Berlin
Because: if they have the possibility, they torture, torment and persecute.
Because: they, as payed beaters, do not shy away from this during every demonstration, break noses, backs and ears for maing a living.
Because: they nerve us with their orders, ther presence, their camera-surveillance and so on during every demonstration
Because: they protect riches and capitalists and take our freespaces away from us
Because: they export their police-system in other countries
Because: they put us in prison, take our freedom
Because:...herein you can fill your "because", since this list could be without an end.

Cops, pay attention, we fight back, we will not let you in peace!
It is enough!!!
Fire and flames for all police institutions!!!

Enflamed greetings from xxx"

Source: Interim