Car of Group4 on fire

Berlin 29.4.08


"Group4 is one of the biggest company involved within surveillance business worldwide, who do not shy away to partecipate in making profits within privatised prisons. But they are also highly engaged within all the other fields regarding social control and surveillance.
Since also here in Berlin such surveillance-mania is growing up, it is necessary to take action against it. Exactly militant means of action can be very effective in such field and not merely remain a symbolic act (as example the destruction of cameras)
In order to bring back such a topic in the public interest, on the night of the 29.4 we made our way and looked around for blue cars with a red/white writing... took only a short search, and a flary light illuminated Berlin´s nightsky.
Defacto, a death by flames.

-Against social control and surveillance
-Suspension of all 129a trials

-Freedom for Christian and Andrea

Enflamed greetings to the activists in Greece, who recently put on fire several motorcycle of Group4"

Source: Interim