Militant actions against gentrification

Berlin 08 April 2008


"Freespaces - We Stay All!

Since years we see how more and more places are being taken away from a public use towards a commercial one, as example the big project "MediaSpree".
For non-commercial, cultural and social places such as Köpi, SchwarzerKanal, Rigaer94 (such a list could be without an end), there is no space planned for, if one should rely on the plans done by companies and investors.
We are fed up with this situation and we will not let us displace!
Even if the Köpi owns now a rent-contract and Der Spiegel (ndt: important german magazine) declared the struggles for houseprojects to be dead, there are still many freespaces which are endangerd by the so-called "valorization process" and the gentrification linked to it.
In the context of the squatter actions days on the next weekend, in the night of the 8.4 we payed a visit to the following places:

- PrenzlauerGärten Immobilien (they build luxury "townhouses" in P´Berg and F´hain), Am Friedrichshain windows smashed and color

- DAZ - german architecture center, windows smashed and "sink media spree" spaypainted (ndt: a presentation-talk about the project MediaSpree was due to happen in this place with guests from New Yorck but it has been cancelled after this attack, in fear of "tumults", as the organizaotrs wrote in their following press release...)

- Sparkasse bank in the muskauerstr., windows smashed and "rigaer94 stays" spraypainted

- Several posh cars have been put on flames (you can find the way to do this in the Radikal, Episode 158, summer 2005)

The struggle goes on!

We stay All!"

Source: Interim