„Thor Steinar Civil Cop“ attacked

Berlin, November 9th 2008

Berlin Police opened disciplinary proceedings against a plain clothes officer. Following information of the police given the same day the officer was wearing clothes of the „Thor Steinar“ brand while he was deployed nearby the demonstration „70 years after the pogrom night / Against Antisemitism“. Clothes of „Thor Steinar“ are favoured mainly by the right wing scene.

Following reports of the deployed forces a demonstrator came out of a group of 50 people, walked up to the plain clothes officer and hit him with the fist against the chest. To arrest the attacker was rendered impossible by the group of people mentioned. The 29 year old officer as well as another plain clothes policeman were attacked with punches and kicks. The suspect managed to get away unrecognized.

The two Zivi-Cops had to be rescued by uniformed forces. Criminal investigations of especially severe breaching of the peace were opened. After this incident the organizer of the demo told the police that the 29 year old plain clothes policeman was wearing „Thor Steinar“ clothes under his Parka that was opened when paople interfered.

Source: taz