CASTOR PROTEST: Arson hits several routes of the Deutsche Bahn

Karlsruhe, Hamburg-Reinbek, Berlin area, Hamm, Wiesbaden November 8th - 10th 2008

According to police information considerable material damage was done by a seriers of arson on various railway routes. A connection to the Castor-transport is not denied.

On Saturday several railway lines were targeted by arson attacks in Germany. Police does not deny that this could be connected to the Castor-transport, that was on its way to Gorleben at that weekend. In some cases considerable material damage was done, the police stated. Some routes had to be closed down for a while.

Affected was the valley route along the rhine nearby Karlsruhe, the area Hamburg-Reinbek, the area Berlin, as well as Hamm and Wiesbaden. Through the use of accelerators the open and smouldering fires severely damaged signal, radio and telefone cables, police stated. In Wiesbaden the slogan „Against Castor“ was sprayed on a country lane nearby the railway line. It was stressed by the police that the attacks affected railway traffic but not the Castor-transport.

The nuclear transport going from the french nuclear waste reprocessing plant La Hague to Gorleben passed the german-french border in the night to Sunday. As well in France train traffic was disturbed by unknown persons: On Saturday they put iron bars into the electrical power lines between Paris and Lille.

Source: Focus

further reports (taz ticker):

Opponents of nuclear energy stop Castor

Between the two border villages Lauterbourg and Wörth three demonstrators locked themselves to the railroad tracks, both police and coordinating office of x-tausendmalquer said. In parts concrete was used as well.

Tracks bent

In the railway section Lüneburg – Dannenberg, between Harlingen and Metzingen, activists undermined the tracks, lifted and bent them with a jack. For this reason the route seemingly cannot be used right now. Is is said that railroad workers stated that repairs could take a longer time.

700 opponents of nuclear power at the tracks

Now also the german newswire dpa affirms confrontations: We talk about 700 anti-nuclear protesters, who ignored the ban on demonstrations and made their way to the tracks on paths through the fields at several places. The police is pushing the back with truncheons, water cannons are deployed to extinguish the fires on the tracks. The protestors acted violent, a spokesperson of the police said.

Burning barricade blocks the road

Protestors build a burmning barricade from bales of hay upon the federal road B216, police reacts with the deployment of water cannons. Meanwhile the road is blocked. (taz)

Tracks undermined

Near Eichendorf (at kilometer 199) 30 meters of the tracks were undermined. Lots of trees created some transport problems for the police. (indymedia)

Classical cat-and-mice-games

Again and again demonstrators pushed upon the tracks and had to be forced off by the police using truncheons, water cannons and teargas. In the course of this several people were injured. Bales of hay were set on fire on the tracks. Police deployed water cannons there.

Even before the train reached Dannenberg helicopters of the police were attacked with signal ammunition. „This shows that some are more than ready to use violence“ officer in charge Oberroth said. Others would expose themselves to great dangers: Near Dannenberg the tarnsport had to be stopped because three anti-nuclear activists managed to jump on the driving train. „This behaviour is absolutely life-threatening“ Oberroth said. The number of actions is said to be higher than during the transport two years ago.

Blocking the road with a concrete pyramide

Eight farmers of the „farmers emergency collective“ four by four stuck their arms into two yellow concrete pyramids and obviously locked themselves to them inside. Thereby they block the village road of Grippel, about six kilometers away from the waste disposal site. The police is there, but it takes them some time to bring the technical equipment to dissolve the blockade.

According to information of the coordinating bureau of the anti-nuclear protesters of x-tausendmalquer again around 100 protesters tried to block the road at Laase. The police is said to bring water cannons in.

Castor reaches the nuclear waste disposal

Being delayed more than 20 hours the heavy truck konvoi carrying the 11 nuclear waste containers from France reached the nuclkear waste disposal Gorleben at half past twelve at night:

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