Six service vehicles of the City Services of Göttingen hit by arson attacks

Göttingen, November 29th 2008

Using several incendiary devices unknown persons willingly burned down six service vehicles of the Göttingen City Services, five VW-vans and one VW-Polo, in Hildebrand Strasse on Saturday night. Two vans were completelly destroyed by the fire, the others were considerably damaged. In the following the flames spread to a nearby carport. Humans were not hurt.

A security noticed the glow of the fire around 1:30 a.m., at a time when the vehicles were already in flames, and immidiatelly called the fire brigade and police.

Because of traces found at the scene of the crime and the slogan painted at the company wall at Godehardstrasse: “Down with capitalism, patriarchy and violence against women, etc.“ the police of Göttingen thinks that the arson is politically motivated.

According to current investigations the arson is thought to belong to a series of arson attacks on police cars of the police Göttingen and the federal police, as well as company cars and private vehicles that keeps police busy since October 2006.

A so far unknown left extremist group claimed responsibility for the series of arson attacks in the middle of January 2008 and threatenen to commit more. After finishing the investigations at the crime scene the investigators are pretty sure that the attack on the vehicles of the City Services were done by this group.