GMO cornfield in Rheinstetten has been destroyed

Rheinstetten 4. Juli 2008

In the night to the 4.7, some activist managed to destroy again some parts of the Rheinstetten experiment field, Despite a strict surveillance, over 5000m² of the field could be destroyed.
Here a translation of the communique':

"In the night from the 4 to the 5 of july, we destroyed around 5000m² of gmo cornfield in Rheinstetten-Forcheim.
We cutted away a part of it, the rest is so destroyed than nothing will ever grow anymore.
The plants can not create cobs anymore. Therefore the experiment is now failed.
The technogical center for the rural development of Augustenberg (LTZ) wanted to study the socalled „co-existence“ of gmo and non-gmo corn in Rheinstetten. Every reasonable person knows that such co-existence is impossible. A large cultivation of gmo plants conducts to a melt, soon or later. The pollen do not let themselves be ruled Seedproducers such as Monsanto render through their genetic engineering farmers all over the world dependent to their products.
By this, they endanger the world's nourishment as much as its variety.
The LTZ and its responsible, the minister for agriculture Hauk, through their genetic engineering attempts make themselves helpers of the genetic engineering industry. They do not respect the will of the population, which mostly refuse such application within the agricultural sphere.
Fences, watchtowers and sentinels neither did stop us, nor will ever do, in defending us by all means against Monsanto and its collaborators.

Kommando Biene Maja"

Quelle: Indymedia